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Bella Napoli

We’ve arrived in bella Napoli. It’s not exactly what I was picturing. Naples is raw and gritty, lacking the traditional elegance that comes to mind when you think of Europe. However, that also means it’s not stuffy or pretentious. It has a causal vibe and a way of making you feel welcome and comfortable. I …

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36 hours to Naples

July 14th, after 8 weeks of intense training, Andrew successfully completed his course and received orders to Naples, Italy. To say our families were excited about our placement is an understatement. Although we were anxious to get started on our adventure, we had A LOT to do and very little time to prepare for an …

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Hey Guys!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my blog!!!! Let’s be honest… most photographers have blogs… but how many people actually read them? Probably not too many. And how many photographers enjoy keeping up with their own? Probably even fewer. After letting my own go to the curb, I decided to take on a new approach. I decided to merge …

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