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Desert Beauties

I read a quote somewhere on the internet that said “boudoir photography is not about making yourself look sexy for men, it’s about celebrating womanhood.” I could not agree more! I have never felt confident in my body and it has gotten worse since having children, I probably have a bit of body dysmorphic disorder …

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Il Doce far Niente

I am a busy body. I guess bred into us as Americans. We constantly need to be doing something or kept entertained. I’ll admit… I bore easy. I edit photos, watch a movie, and chat with a friend on Facebook all at the same time because one thing is not enough to keep me contented. …

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A Quick Visit to the Lungomare

Unfortunately, we’ve kind of been on house arrest since we’ve arrived to Naples. We’ve been playing a waiting game to receive the appropriate identification cards, establish a bank account, locate an automatic car which is difficult to come by (I know… I know… I should have learned to drive stick by now), etc. The guys …

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