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A Walk through Whitstable

After 8 months in England we were finally able to get out of London for a day trip. Whoohoo! Although I absolutely love London, it was so nice to get a change of scenery and explore a little more of this incredible country. Since we are still under restrictions and hotels and indoor dining/attractions are closed until mid-May, I spent a lot of time researching to find the perfect spot. Our first adventure was to the seaside town of Whitstable located in Kent. It was a quick and direct train ride from the city and is famous for its oysters. We made it a point to sample the local delicacy and we agree that the reputation is well deserved!

We arrived at London Victoria station a little early so my husband said the girls could pick out some sweets for the train ride.
First, we enjoyed a little stroll down high street enjoying the quaint scenery and sunshine.
Wheelers is a must if you’re in Whitstable. Everything we ordered was delicious but the Guinness battered oysters were my favorite.
These vibrant boats reminded me so much of our trip to Malta.
A group of former British Navy sailors were out singing traditional songs to raise money for charity. My girls were not very impressed.
One of the gentlemen asked if they have a request. Of course, M asked for “Savage Love” from Kidz Bop Kids.
Go figure… he wasn’t familiar with that one. haha
Now they did LOVE this sweet man playing one of the strangest instruments I’ve seen.
They watched intently and danced together… which I think he enjoyed.
Finally, it was time to play in the water.
Whitstable has been famous for its oyster harvesting since the 1400’s.
One of my favorite parts of the town were all of the colorful houses and beach huts.
We got rained on for just a few minutes but luckily the grey skies left just as quickly as they had arrived.
Overall we had a wonderful first day trip!

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