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Bella Napoli

We’ve arrived in bella Napoli. It’s not exactly what I was picturing. Naples is raw and gritty, lacking the traditional elegance that comes to mind when you think of Europe. However, that also means it’s not stuffy or pretentious. It has a causal vibe and a way of making you feel welcome and comfortable. I really think I won’t have to worry about what to wear and how to act here. Naples is to Italy, what Philadelphia is to America. I’m oddly at home.

Everyone has been kind and welcoming from the Marines, to the drivers, and even the locals who seem completely enamored with my children. We’re currently in a temporary residence until our apartment near the bay is ready and we’re a bit isolated. There isn’t easily accessible public transportation so I’m definitely counting down the days until we can purchase a car and get out to explore. Our house is huge and over the top. I feel like i’m living in a mix of my Italian great grandfather’s house combined with Liberace’s mansion. There is marble everywhere, crystal chandeliers, ornate tile, tons of woodworking… it’s quite the change from our base home in Arizona.

Since the girls and I are stuck in the house all day while Andrew is at work, I decided to buy a little blow up pool. Our house is lucky to be one of the few that has a wonderful little yard and we are loving the weather here. From 112 in Yuma to mid 80’s in Italy has been a pleasant change.

Here are some photos of the fun we’ve been having in our temporary Naples house. I hope you enjoy them!





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  1. Just discovered your blog and your photos are beautiful and tell a wonderful story (stories!). Will have to get caught up about your adventures in Italy.

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