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Calabrian Mommy & Me Weekend

My oldest and I snuck away for a quick weekend trip to beautiful Calabria. Seeing the Aeolian islands and Tropea were on my bucket list so when a friend invited us to tag along on her trip we jumped at the chance. Tropea is about 5 hours by train (with one connection) from Naples. We trained down in the evening on Thursday and were able to spend Friday on the beautiful beach, Saturday exploring the islands of Panarea & Stromboli, and headed back home on Sunday.

This is an awesome quick getaway for all you Naples based friends when you need a little break from big city life. I’m very behind on blogging because I typically take hundreds of photos each trip, but for this one, I spent more time relaxing and less time shooting so I was able to get through all my images extremely fast. I wanted to get them up and shared to inspire you all to plan a quick trip while the weather is still gorgeous. This would be a wonderful Labor Day weekend spot!

My top 5 suggestions for must-do things in Tropea:

  1. Try the onions. They have a high sugar content so cooked they are so sweet and absolutely delicious. Our B&B had onion omelets every morning… yum! One of my favorite things I ate on our trip.
  2. Enjoy the crystal clear water at the beach. There are many lidos and a free beach within walking distance of the historic center. Make sure to grab some bread from your bread basket and a snorkel set. It’s easy to bait the fish to come in and swim all around you.
  3. Eat tartufo! A local specialty, tartufo isn’t an actual truffle. It is a layered ball of gelato typically stuffed with hazelnut or pistachio and a chocolate center. It’s the perfect treat after a long day in the sun!!!
  4. Stroll through the historical center at night. Music, aperitivos, cute souvenir shops…. this is really a picture perfect Italian city. The atmosphere is intoxicating.
  5. Take an Aeolian Island cruise!!!! Stromboli was the highlight of our trip. We even got to see lava shooting out of the volcano on the way back to port. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my images from our trip! This first set is of the Tropea historic center. It’s pretty as a picture.


Here are some shots from our Aeolian mini-cruise. We visited Panarea & Stromboli.

2018-08-21_0006.jpgThe Tropean coast from the water.2018-08-21_0008.jpgThe port in Panarea.2018-08-21_0007.jpgOne of the small islands next to Panarea.
2018-08-21_0010.jpgThe island reminds me a lot of Santorini!
2018-08-21_0012.jpgThat water!!!!!
2018-08-21_0013.jpgNext stop… Stromboli!!!!
2018-08-21_0016.jpgWe played on the black sand beach and even found a pumice stone.2018-08-21_0017.jpgStromboli at sunset is one of my most favorite natural sights in the world!

Hope this inspires you to plan your own Calabria trip!



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