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Carnevale in Capua

Carnevale, similar to the American Mardi Gras, is a last hurrah to get the partying out before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Italy has some of the best and most famous Carnevale celebrations in the world and we knew we had to participate while here. Since Italians don’t celebrate Halloween, this is the one time of the year when they dress up in costumes and masks and cause mischief.

We planned a trip to Viareggio to see the famous Carnevale Parade for it’s big finale but when I heard about this little celebration up the road in Capua we had to check it out.

One of the most popular Carnevale past-times for kids is throwing confetti and boy, did our kiddos enjoy playing with it.


Below you can see two representations of the Pulcinella, one of the most famous Carnevale characters who originated in Naples.


Update: Unfortunately our trip to Viareggio to see the famous parade included a day of very cold & rainy weather. We only made it for about 15 minutes before the girls were so chilled to the bone that we had to go back to the hotel. Because of the weather, I wasn’t able to take any photographs but if you ever get the chance, this is definitely a must-see activity to add to your bucket list. We hope to return again in the future. Hopefully with better weather!



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