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Desert Beauties

I read a quote somewhere on the internet that said “boudoir photography is not about making yourself look sexy for men, it’s about celebrating womanhood.” I could not agree more! I have never felt confident in my body and it has gotten worse since having children, I probably have a bit of body dysmorphic disorder mixed with incredibly low self esteem. I think this is why I have such an emotional response when I photograph women and help them to see how truly beautiful they are. We are always comparing ourselves to the unreachable standards we see on television and in magazines. You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who does not have stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes and “imperfections”… but you know what? We see them magnified in our own minds. This is not how the rest of the world sees us. They see the beauty within us reflected on the outside. One of these amazing ladies wrote to me, “When I saw myself I couldn’t believe it! It’s women like you who help women like me, see themselves in a beautiful way.” This is my goal. We all struggle… let me help you see how truly beautiful you are.




This session was my first time visiting and shooting at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Brawley, California and sparked a dunes obsession for me. So much so I made my hubby and kids detour all the way to White Sands National Monument during our cross country road trip. ( I guess I should get to sharing those images too, lol)

For those of you on the west coast make sure you take a trip to the dunes. Sledding, 4-wheeling, photography…. there’s tons to do.


These images were featured by@lookslikefilm blog and @beyondthewanderlust blog!!! The links are posted below. Being featured on Looks Like Film was one of my biggest goals for 2017. I’m so excited to be honored by this community of the best photographers in the world. Being recognized by your peers is an amazing feeling. Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!




Featured in:  and

Photographer: @rebeccahoneycuttphotography

Models @t.charaefit & @katyasan

Hair and Makeup: @arham1106

Workshop by: @shuttergramphotography

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