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Hey Guys!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my blog!!!! Let’s be honest… most photographers have blogs… but how many people actually read them? Probably not too many. And how many photographers enjoy keeping up with their own? Probably even fewer. After letting my own go to the curb, I decided to take on a new approach.

I decided to merge my business page with my personal life! Here you can read about my family, travel and professional life all in one spot. This blog will be a way for me to journal and document this absolutely amazing stage in my life. I’m blessed to be happily married to a handsome military stud (he’s totally going to hate me when he reads this, lol), have two beautiful spitfire daughters, to be traveling the globe & to have my dream job. Photography allows me to meet some incredible people.

This blog will be real!!! I’m a bit too honest, blunt and sarcastic (born and raised Philly girl). It will probably not be for everyone but ya know what… that’s ok. Whether you agree, disagree, love or hate my blog posts, please comment. I like feedback and want to know what you all think. I hope you enjoy following me on this adventure.



Thanks to Juniper & Blush Photography for the gorgeous capture!

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