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Il Doce far Niente

I am a busy body. I guess bred into us as Americans. We constantly need to be doing something or kept entertained. I’ll admit… I bore easy. I edit photos, watch a movie, and chat with a friend on Facebook all at the same time because one thing is not enough to keep me contented. With an end in sight to my house arrest, i’ve been trying to embrace the Italian way of life. Here they have a saying, “Il doce far niente.” It means the sweetness of nothing. Although i’m trying to enjoy the sweetness of having nothing to do, I needed to add a few activities to my daily life to keep myself from going crazy. I’ve initiated a cleaning schedule and my OCD cleanliness has been taken to a new level, I’m studying the Italian language, spending an embarrassing amount of time shopping online for a Marine Corps ball gown, and attempting to learn to cook traditional Italian dishes from scratch. The other day I had the bright idea to attempt to make some homemade gnocchi with the girls. Although they were delicious, it legit looked like a bomb went off in our dining room after we finished. Flour everywhere!!!! I’m pretty sure that’s why you always see photos of sweet old Italian ladies making gnocchi outside in the alley ways. Keep that mess out of the house. The kids had a blast and my oldest ate up every bite and was super proud that she made her own dinner. In spite of the mess, I consider that a success!


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  1. I almost want to make some now, but then I will scroll back up to that mess to knock that urge out of me. =) So glad you documented this, beautiful!! Sure do miss your girls.

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