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Medieval Minturno

We are very lucky to be stationed in a country with a strong US military presence, especially for our first post on this program. Having the base close has allowed us many perks including shopping at a commissary and exchange (my girls love the easy access to lucky charms), access to navy medical, and the thing that I most appreciate… the tours and trips coordinated by FFSC, USO, etc.

I decided to take my youngest with me on a trip coordinated by the Gaeta FFSC program to Minturno. I was super excited to see the theme of “Off the Beaten Path.” The best part of living in a country vs. being a tourist is seeing the things a local experiences… not just stopping by all the major attractions on a week long trip. Our tour guides were informative and helped us understand the interesting history of this quaint medieval city. I won’t give you an extensive history lesson as you can most certainly research Minturno on your own and I am no expert, but I will say that I found it was extremely interesting to learn how the city was moved to the top of the hill during the medieval times to protect itself from raids and to see so many reminants of the Roman site Mintrunae repurposed in the the medieval city.

I was also surprised that there is a small group of American expats that call Minturno home. It seems like such a wonderful small town to spend retirement and enjoy the il dolce far niente, the sweetness of nothing. They were so kind and excited to share their knowledge of the gorgeous little town they call home.

I can’t wait to participate in more of these wonderful trips and see more of Italy off the beaten path.



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