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Olive Harvesting

It’s definitely fall in Italy. The weather has cooled off, the leaves are changing, and it’s time to harvest some of my favorite things; pumpkins, truffles, chestnuts and olives. We were super excited to be able to join a group tour headed to Luzzano to pick olives and learn about the olive oil extraction process


The girls got to manually pick the olives and take a turn at the mechanized way of extraction. In order to expedite picking, they use what looks like a motorized rake. The device shakes the branches so that the olives fall from the tree and onto nets placed under to catch them. I can not imagine holding that thing above my head for 8 hours. The men that work the harvest must have huge guns, lol.


After the kids got their fix of olive picking, we headed to two factories to view the extraction process. Both seemed very similar (to my untrained eye). The olives are trucked in, ground into a paste by large stones, mixed, pressed between large disks, and there we have some tasty olive oil. Bravo!!!!


Thanks to Sarah Peterson for snapping a cute family photo of us at the event!!!!

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