A few weeks ago we decided to squeeze in a quick day trip. Rye, East Sussex, is about 2 hours driving from London (with traffic) and is one of the most beautiful little medieval villages. It is the perfect spot for lunch, a stroll, and grabbing ice cream. Rye is also home to The Mermaid […]

Warwick Castle is located in the county of Warwickshire, England. I originally booked us for a Santa Sleepover here in December but thanks to Covid and government regulations we had to reschedule. I was lucky to be able to use our voucher for a trip to Knight’s Village and Warwick Castle during the girls’ most […]

For our latest photo walk we decided to explore close to home. Right over the Thames is beautiful Fulham. It is full of historic parks, quaint boutiques and cheerful people. We met a few very friendly shop owners and I loved spending time in Tacco, a shop specializing in Apulian imported foods and wine. Puglia […]

It was a gloomy spring day but I wanted to get out to do something and it looked like we’d have a window of a few hours without rain. We hopped on the bus for the 45 minute ride to Richmond Park when it started to down pour. Ugh! I grumbled, but we continued to […]

We’ve found it really easy to get around England via train so far (we’ll see if that opinion holds up after our next trip to Warwickshire) so for our trip to Surrey we hopped on a train from London Waterloo and rode down to Gomshall. From there, it was a quick 15-20 minute walk to […]

I’ve always enjoyed documenting our family adventures and travels, but recently I’ve been able to go out and explore without my children. It’s been a bit of a transition for me to shift the focus from clients and family to capturing my surroundings and the strangers that make up this diverse and incredible city. Street […]

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted in here… or anywhere to be honest. The past year has been challenging professionally thanks to the “C” word and yet another military move. I found myself hesitant to pull out my camera…feeling stuck and lacking inspiration in the confinement of lockdown. Now that things are […]

Maggie and Ben’s wedding was full of love and sentiment… intimate and classically elegant. From the flowers to Maggie’s stunning gown, their day oozed sophistication. Although the planning was stressful thanks to the global pandemic, I think that the venue changes and delay actually made for a more meaningful day. Maggie and Ben were able […]

Jake and Ellie planned a spring wedding at Arbor Haven in Fredericksburg, Virginia but thanks to Covid they had to postpone. Luckily, event regulations loosened right before their new wedding day and they were able to celebrate as planned with all of their friends and family members. Arbor Haven was a perfect venue. The bride […]

Well, this virus has thrown us all for a loop. Life is a little more scary, stressful, and unknown than ever before but you know what…. it can’t stop us from celebrating love! Even though Issac and Lizzie had to completely re-plan their day from a large celebration with all of their friends and family, […]